Masterpiece of the Nation

A unique live election in search of finding the masterpiece of the nation. There are three categories: Art, Heritage and Design. Every museum takes part in this very special election. Which important object makes us really proud? What really represents us and what connects us? A shortlist is created via a public survey. With ten … Continued

The New Stradivarius

Six musicians at the absolute top of their game set themselves a unique challenge: To build their own dream instrument. A journey from Nashville to Cremona, from Madrid to New York… to the origins of their beloved instrument. They design their own instrument with the help of a true craftsmen. Do they succes in building … Continued

The Christmas Music Gala 2017

Christmas begins with The Christmas Music Gala! Talented kids get a change to share the stage with their beloved idol. And all winning pupils of a national music contest for primary school get together to form the Biggest School band. Special guest and honorary chairman of the foundation ‘More music in classrooms’ is Dutch Queen … Continued

Jan Terlouw: It’s so simple

A sustainable world. That’s the dream and mission of old-politician Jan Terlouw, 86 years of age and still going strong. The documentary is his call to action. ‘We are part of nature, and we are responsible for it as well. We should preserve it for the generations to come.’

The Secret of a Master Painter

The Netherlands has an illustrious history of unparalleled worldwide fame when it comes to painting. The key question is, what is the secret of these great masterpieces? In this programme, which is a POSVIDEO production commissioned by AVROTROS, a team of leading experts takes up the ultimate challenge to reconstruct six of the most diverse … Continued

HEINEKEN activations

We were asked to create this years video with all global HEINEKEN activations. A video with an impressive amount of events and activations for all the different brands of the HEINEKEN company.


EPCOR has the know-how to deliver high quality maintenance services for APU’s and pneumatic components. We were asked to create a video for showing in presentations and online. We didn’t want to show to much figures or talking heads. Instead, we choose to ‘show and don’t tell’.

HISWA Monaco Yacht Show

Every year the Monaco Yacht Show is presenting the newest Super Yachts. Off course The Netherlands is represented as well: The HISWA Holland Yachting Group together with 10 of their members are showing their Yachts at the ‘Holland Pavilion’. We have made a video for the giant LED-wall of this pavilion.

Bodhi TV

  For a Buddhist broadcaster we made a new design for their leader. Soon to see here!

Talents for Brands

We were asked to make a video for the company Talents for Brands. An online platform  created with a simple promise in mind: create unique and authentic music for brands while supporting passionate artists. With a vast pool of talented musicians, vocalists and songwriters able to create exactly the right soundtrack for brand and ad … Continued