Marc Pos Producent

Marc Pos (’s-Hertogenbosch, 1968) is director, creative and the owner of POSVIDEO. With a broad interest and being a connaisseur and enthusiast of ‘the moment’, Pos, in all his work, seeks to find the value of that moment. The magic that provides meaning, transcends and makes it unforgettable. Although Marc almost always works at the intersection of television, advertising and events, the medium always serves the content of the moment.

Pos is well known for his work as a director of television programs such as De Gouden Televizierring (The Dutch Emmy’s), Prinsengrachtconcert (a classical concert festival on Amsterdam’s canals), Maestro (famous artists try to become a conductor), Uitmarkt (festival that marks the start of a new cultural season), Hofvijverconcert (grand concert on the pond near the dutch House of Parliament), Idols and the National IQ test. Events in which ‘live’ is not just the way of broadcasting but the entire experience. Marc translates the vibe of that one moment in a studio or at an event into different media. That is why he is often invited to direct concert recordings: Marco Borsato’s Symphonica and White Light, Robbie Williams’ and the Opening of the Hermitage, to name a few.